Hello All!

My name is Christopher Harris and welcome to theCheshireBat Studios.

I'm a creative writer with a passion for storytelling.  I love creating concepts and settings, then using detail to establish continuity in characters that inhabit the story!

I also have a background in story-boarding.  As such, my style and strengths lie in the form of graphic novel concepts and comic book scripts.     When I write, I'm always thinking and sketching to get the best dynamic shot from an action panel or the most expressive angles for an emotional scene. 

Additional Skills include:

  • Character Design - Personality/Backgrounds
  • Narrative/Plot design
  • Panel Placement
  • Thumbnail sketches for Story outlines
  • Effective story/concept pitching

For freelance work and commissioning, please email me at - theCheshireBat.bh@gmail.com